The Democratic Alliance (DA) has set itself a target of governing Gauteng as well as the Northern Cape and retaining the Western Cape with an outright majority after the upcoming elections.

Party leader Mmusi Maimane briefed the media in Cape Town
over the weekend after its last Federal Council meeting prior to the elections.

The DA is optimistic about governing two additional provinces after the elections. It is confident of outright majority in the Western Cape and is also eyeing Gauteng and Northern Cape.

Party leader Mmusi Maimane says their manifesto is about stimulating the economy, safety and security of South Africans, delivery of basic services and redress.

He says they will field public representatives who are not questionable.

“When you consider the list of the DA and you are not asking yourself the question who is corrupt here, who is listed in Bosasa, the main thing is that we look at a competent and diverse list.”

It puts emphasis on containing government expenditure. Its Cabinet structure has been reduced and also a new mayoral handbook which does away with luxury vehicles.

It wants public representatives who abuse tax payer’s money to be held accountable. Maimane says this election will be a test to do away with corruption.

“This will be a referendum on whether we want Agrizzis or we want change, whether we need more jobs or not, and therefore ultimately I’m confident that as South Africans look on to the referendum we can build an alternative and choose people who can run the state.”

The party also rejects Broad Base Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) as it benefits only the connected individuals and not the majority of South Africans.

“BBBEE delegitimises legitimate black businesses. If you are black business who is not connected you are not going to benefit. It’s as simple as that! You are not going to gain entrance into the economy because those ones who are benefiting are the ones that are on the inside track. Therefore, how do you build a South Africa for all when only some who are on the inside are benefiting and those on the outside are left out.”

The party is also confident about growing its footprint nationally.

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