The Constitutional Court has reserved judgment in the future of former Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Nomgcobo Jiba.

In September 2016 she was struck off the roll of advocates for her role in a number of politically related cases.

She appealed the matter in the Supreme Court of Appeals, complaining that she was effectively stripped of her post at the National Prosecuting Authority.

The Supreme Court of Appeal overturned the High Court’s decision saying the General Council of the Bar failed to establish the alleged offending conduct.

The Bar’s senior counsel, Geoff Budlender , says :”The NPA said to the GCB please investigate this with a view to an application under the admission of advocates act and under those circumstance, it was entirely responsible for the GCB to look at the judgment of the High Court.”

“And to look at the request from the NPA and say we are obliged to bring this application as this is our function as held by the courts over and over again.”

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