The Sunshine Cinema in partnership with the Children’s Radio Foundation and the LGBQI community will screen the controversial movie Inxeba – The Wound-  at Phumlani village, outside Alice on Wednesday. The aim is to start a conversation on discrimination against young gay boys at initiation schools and the stigma they have to endure.

Project Coordinator, Busiswa Mbetshu, says they hope to raise awareness and educate the community through the screening.

“We want the youth who are gay to be able to express their feelings, to be free when they are amongst  straight guys and also we want the community to accept these guys as who they are and also we want the parents not to have the mind set or think that when their kids went to initiation school they will become straight because that is not going to happen. We want to change their mind set ( not to think that)  that when their young boys went to initiation school they will come back straight because that is impossible.”