The state has concluded its cross-examination on the second accused, Phillip Schutte, in the North West’s so called “sunflower case.”

Schutte and co-accused Pieter Doorewaard are charged with killing 15-year-old Matlhomola Mosweu in Coligny last year.

¬†Matlhomola Mosweu’s death sparked violent protests in the area.

Schutte told the court on his third and last day of cross examination, that he never met Bonakele Pakisi-the state witness, until the day the court conducted inspection in loco in Coligny.

Pakisi testified that he saw Schutte throwing Mosweu off a moving bakkie. This after the two had caught Mosweu for allegedly stealing sunflowers.

Judge Ronald Hendricks asked how many sunflowers had Schutte and co-accused Pieter Doorewaard recovered after catching Mosweu.

Schutte said they were about five to six heads which could be valued at about R 70 each.

The case has been postponed to 25th of September to allow both the state and defence to prepare their closing arguments.