Another protest is underway in Claremont west of Johannesburg and it is believed that the protest is in solidarity with the Westbury protest.

The protests against crime and drugs were sparked by the killing of a woman who was caught in a cross-fire over a turf war between rival drug gangs.

The woman’s 10 year old daughter was also wounded in the shootout.

All roads leading in and out of the Claremont have been blocked off to traffic due to the protest. Heavily armed police officers are keeping a close watch on the protesting residents to ensure that they don’t blockade the busy Ontdekkers Road once again.

Currently all the streets leading in and out of the area are blocked off with burning tyres and rubble.

The majority of businesses in the area have also closed their doors.

Scores of residents are lingering around street corners rerouting motorists, while advising them on better routes to take.