The City of Johannesburg has assured residents that it has put contingency plans in place to minimise the impact of the water supply interruptions which will start on Monday.

Rand Water says the major water supply shutdown is expected to last for 54-hours and should only result in low pressure in some areas.

The shutdown is part of Rand Water’s infrastructure maintenance programme.

Johannesburg Member of the Mayoral Committee for Environment and Infrastructure, Nico de Jager, says there’s no need for residents to panic.

“The outage from Monday will not affect any resident on Monday. So there is no way that anything that goes on Monday from the rand water bulk supply line can affect the residents in Johannesburg on Monday. If there had to be a problem it would only happen much later that’s why we’ve got reservoirs and towers like this to be able to reticulate and send water out to our residents,” says De Jager.

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