Disgruntled passengers who booked festive season flights through the now-grounded CemAir have taken to social media to express their frustrations.

This after the South African Civil Aviation Authority found the airline to be non-compliant and in violation of the Civil Aviation Act.

The airline has been suspended from flying any of its 21 aircrafts in the country.

People have taken to twitter to complain about the inconveniences of having their festive season travel plans thwarted.

Many of the complaints are centred on the call centre not taking customer queries, while others ask how they can fund new tickets if cancelled flights will only be refunded in six to eight weeks.

One Twitter, a user identified as Zelda likened the airline to the Christmas-stealing grinch, saying some people have been saving all year to be home for the holidays and can’t afford replacement tickets unless refunded immediately.

In a statement earlier this week, the airline said it deeply regrets the inconvenience at such a special time of the year, especially as it’s hands are tied and it is unable to offer customers alternative arrangements or solutions.

The statement accuses the Civil Aviation Authorities of having malicious intent for grounding them during peak season and further denies any wrongdoing, rejecting claims of non-compliance against it.