Police Minister, Bheki Cele, must provide written reasons to Parliament’s Police Committee on why he does not want the contract of IPID boss, Robert McBride, renewed.

Cele informed McBride that his contract, ending 28 February, would not be renewed. McBride took him to court, arguing it should be a decision of the committee.

In a draft order handed to the High Court in Gauteng on Tuesday, the two parties agreed that Cele’s decision was not final and that the committee should either confirm or reject it.

The committee met Thursday morning to juggle around its programme. It has must report back to the court by the 28th of February.

The Police committee is working on a tight deadline. Besides all the work it must finalise before Parliament rises in a few weeks, they have to report back to court in less than two weeks.

Chairperson for the Committee, Francois Beukman, says by next week the minister must submit his reasons.

“The deadline for the minister is 5pm on Monday. By 5pm on Monday minister must give reasons, but immediately after that the reasons submitted to Mister McBride. He must also respond. His response must meet committee by Wednesday 5 o’clock.”

The DA’s spokesperson on Police, Diane Kohler-Barnard, says it was never Cele’s decision to make.

“You want minister to explain why he made the decision. Far as I am concerned, he had no right to make that decision. Then he tried to back track, ignoring us. Concerned leaned on members to do what he wants, the minister had no right to say ‘I will not renew your contract.’ I haven’t seen something that arrogant in quite some time, possibly since he was last police commissioner.”

ANC MP, Leonard Ramatlakane, says while there is an option to ask for an extension, they should stick to the deadline.

“We should work harder and harder to meet court deadline, if we don’t we can ask for extension.”