A Cape Town woman has laid a charge of hate speech at the Equality Court in Goodwood after a man allegedly called her the K word during an altercation.

The incident reportedly took place at a park in Bothasig on Christmas Day.

Azola Mfolozi says she was attending a family lunch when her cousin’s children were playing in the park with the neighbour’s children.

There was a disagreement between the children who then called their father.

Mfolozi says they went to speak to the Bothasig man, but an argument ensued during which he allegedly swore at their family and used racial slurs.

“A bit of back and forth and then he said the k word. After the k word I was literally just dumbfounded, I could not say anything. I’ve never in my entire life been called that. I’ve never even heard anybody say that in front of me. I’ve heard a lot of things and called about of things but that I should think really. I was taken aback I was really shocked.”