A Cape Town family has appealed to government to help them return their detained daughter from Western Asia.

Chloe Collins (23) arrived in Oman in April this year to work in the hospitality industry.

A Public relations company, who is assisting the family, says she was arrested three weeks later and held for the past three months.

Her family believes she is being wrongfully detained.

The family says the past few months have been absolute torture. They say Chloe has been interrogated in a foreign language, without legal representation for many hours.

The family’s local lawyer has so far managed to ascertain that Chloe’s arrest could possibly be linked to her brother, who is currently being treated for schizophrenia in a mental institution in South Africa.

He lived with her in Oman before returning home but has not been charged with any crime.

Oman authorities arrested her in the wake of investigations and are now demanding his return in exchange for her.

Chloe’s divorced parents cannot afford the legal fees and have started crowdfunding to help them pay for a lawyer in Oman.