KwaZulu-Natal Pink Drive Administrator, Janice Benecke has called on women to undergo regular tests for breast cancer in the fight against the dreaded disease.

Benecke was speaking at a Bikers Ride Cancer Awareness event in Durban. She says cancer can be treated as long as it is diagnosed early.

Denisa Williams, aged 61 and the mother of two children, was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. She says it was difficult to accept that she had breast cancer, but fortunately it was treated in time.

“I have finished my treatment and I did three months of chemo, and I lost all my hair because of chemo. I had 30 sessions of radiation and I had surgery. I was diagnosed in 2016 August.”

Williams’ plight has prompted bike riders to raise funds for breast cancer victims and free screening as part of spreading the message about cancer.

Bike riders drove along the N2 highway to raise awareness about cancer.

Benecke she says fund raising is important to deal with breast cancer victims and survivors.

“Today, we decided to do free breast examinations and people are scared to have their breast examined, but they should not be.”

Shannon Lance is one of the participants and she says the event is important as it brings hope to people who have cancer.

“We want to show our support and make people ask some questions about cancer. And we decided to work with Pink Drive organisations and enjoy with them.”

Another cancer survivor, Michelle Marques has called on all women to go for regular medical check-ups.

“Please, do what you have to do and prevention is better than cure. I have succeeded and I have proven you can do it.”