Businessman Rameez Patel will have to wait until February 2 to hear if he will be granted bail. Patel has been arrested in connection with the murder of his mother, Mahajeen Banu Patel. The suspect is also linked to the murder of his wife.

Closing arguments in his bail application have been concluded in the Polokwane Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecutor Mashudu Mudau says Mahajeen Banu Patel’s murder in September last year, was a result of a family feud.

Mudau says evidence shows that the accused had differences with his mother and they had not been speaking for two months before her death.

He has also allegedly been placed at the scene of the crime and is accused of paying a hit man.

The accused has pointed a finger at his brother Razeem, but the state says there is no proof of this.

Furthermore Mudau says Patel should not be granted bail, as he is also undergoing trial for the murder of his wife, Fatima.