Sunday marks Mother’s Day and mothers around the world are being celebrated and spoiled. Many are in a jovial mood and marking the day with luncheons, flowers and gifts for their mothers, but for those without mothers, the day brings little cheer.

“I feel great, I think it’s a good thing that there’s a special day where we as mothers can be honoured and appreciated by their children and their husbands.”

However, the day is painful for those that grew up without a mother or have lost one. Charlene Le Roux lost her mother 11-years ago. For her, Mother’s Day is not easy.

“It was devastating for me, watching her go through that at the age that she was. At the end of the day, I am at ease with where she is today because of that pain she had to endure. You know getting up and just that voice, that voice is gone. Still today I hear that voice, I want to say mommy like I used to say but it’s been 11 years, but the hurt is still inside.”

She has advice for those who are still fortunate to have their mothers.

“The advice that I can give to them; tell them how you love them show them, appreciate them, the day when they gone is it’s too late.”

For Le Roux and many others, it’s hard to celebrate mother’s day. The only thing they can cling on to is the good memories they shared with their mothers.