The new National Director of Public Prosecutions – Advocate Shamila Batohi – has made an impassioned appeal to South Africans to support the work of the NPA.

Batohi was appointed as the new NPA head by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Batohi is the first woman to hold the position and has described her appointment as a historic moment for women in the country. She says in her new position, she will prioritise the interests of society and justice, which will require great support from the public .

She added, “I have always derived inspiration from one great maxim, to strive, to struggle, not to succeed. In this context, not to succeed would mean never to be concerned about the result of your action as long as you are clear about your goal and you are willing to unwaveringly perform perfect action in the interest of society and in the interests of justice . Great men and women like Nelson Mandela, Albertina Sisulu and Mahatma Gandhi did it. I can only follow their lead and I appeal to you the people to give me the strength to achieve it.”