Barclays Africa Group Limited has been officially been renamed ABSA Group Limited. It started trading under its new name and share code ABG on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

The bank says the name change marks the start of a new era for the group as a stand alone African group. It says that its new brand design aligns with a forward-looking business in a digital age.

ABSA Group Limited’s Chief Executive Officer Maria Ramos says she is excited about the change and the future it represents.

“This for us means a new beginning. It means the fact that we have now fully transitioned to being a stand-alone proudly African Bank. In March this year we went to market with the new strategy and that strategy was about growth. This is the next part of the separation from Barclay’s. We have a new brand and it is a brand that embodies inspirations that we have as an organization.”

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