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Watch-like device helps alert hearing impaired
18 September 2018, 6:45 PM

A social entrepreneur, Zuko Mandlakazi has created a wrist armband that can be useful in life-threatening situation for people with a hearing impediment.

This could also help people who cannot hear sounds in the environment that threaten their safety. Senso – a wrist wearable device that resembles a smart watch, is currently in its production phase.

Mandlakazi’s invention received a lot of attention at the recent ITU Telecom World conference held in Durban last week.

The entrepreneur says this is a significant step and is in line with deaf awareness initiatives as September is deaf awareness month.

Mandlakazi says the wrist band can pick up sound and alert the person by using vibrations and LED lights.

“We have developed a wrist band that a user could coordinate different sounds. The user could coordinate a specific colour. For an example if sound made by the child if the child is crying for attention that could be pink that could be blue, a safety evacuation. The alarm could be red. When the device detects any of these sounds the device is going to vibrate.”


See interview with Zuko Mandlakazi below:

Desiree Ellis
Banyana kick-off COSAFA championship against Botswana
29 August 2018, 8:49 PM

The South African women’s football team, Banyana Banyana, will kick off the defence of their Cosafa Women’s Championship title with a crunch fixture against Botswana.

Banyana will also face Madagascar and Malawi in Group A of the tournament.

The 2018 Cosafa Women’s Championship takes place in Port Elizabeth, beginning on the 12th of September.

For more on the story watch video below:

A number of shops in Soweto are owned by nationals of other African nations
Government condemns looting in Soweto
29 August 2018, 7:26 PM

Government has condemned widespread looting in Soweto which led to the deaths of two people on Wednesday. Acting GCIS Director-General Phumla Williams has called on communities to refrain from taking the law into their own hands.

This comes after a looting spree of foreign owned shops in Soweto where two people were murdered and one person whisked to hospital after being stabbed multiple times.

It’s believed that the community went on the rampage accusing foreign shop owners of selling expired food.

Government says community members should rather report such cases to law enforcement agencies.

The looting happened after a teenager was shot dead earlier today, allegedly by a foreign shop owner.

Angry residents have also blocked off several roads in the area and police are trying to move the shop owners out of the township.

A number of shops in Soweto are owned by foreign nationals including Somalis, Ethiopians, Pakistani and Bangladeshis.

In recent years, Zimbabwean and Mozambican migrants have also been the target of attacks.

See tweet below:

Additional reporting by Reuters

Tendai Biti is a member of the MDC Alliance.
Zimbabwe police surround house of Tendai Biti’s mother
3 August 2018, 9:34 PM

Reports coming in Friday evening say Tendai Biti’s mother’s house is surrounded by five police vehicles. A person close to Biti says the mother is not a politician and those with issues against Biti should target him directly. Earlier in the week, Zimbabwean Police attempted to arrest him, he subsequently handed himself in, but was released immediately.

Watch video below for more:

Manyano Rasmeni looking after his crop. My journey back to the land.
My journey back to the land
3 August 2018, 4:40 PM

A decision he took in 2012 has Manyano Rasmeni living his best life yet.

After leaving his corporate marketing  job at one of South Africa’s biggest media companies six years ago, Rasmeni, 34, moved back home to help out on his parent’s farm in Frankfort, outside Bhisho.

He has never looked back. “I have been in agriculture since January 2012, and it’s been one amazing journey.”

After cutting his teeth on the family farming business, he has recently branched out to pursue organic farming.

He is running this project on a piece of land in East London. The initiative came through a partnership with Belinda Ross.

Rasmeni is tending to a hectare sized plot where he is growing forty free range chickens,  fifty fruit trees and vegetables  – broad bean, spinach and cabbages on his phase 1 crop section.

His plot also has two dams supplying it with water.

Rasmeni says this project has been established to show how one can sustain a healthy living from a hectare of land. “Everybody is on a quest to try and attain land, but if more than 1 million people are looking for land, and they are all looking for ten hectares, then there won’t be any land left to do anything.”

He says his current project is devised to show people how a small plot can produce many products.

“I am trying to illustrate how you can be sustainable and profitable on one hectare of land using minimal resources.”

Rasmeni enjoys taking care of his land:


New opportunities for growth

Having worked on this plot for three months, his partners have agreed to give him more land as he has shown how productive and capable he is.

“I have recently acquired two more pieces of land, the first piece of land is about seven hectares on the neighbouring farm from where I am currently doing my project. We have reached an agreement of how I can purchase and own the land.”

The department of agriculture in the Eastern Cape has also agreed to lease to Rasmeni six hectares, where he is looking at focusing on chicken farming, expecting to produce about 400 eggs a day.

He is also looking at growing free range pigs on the other newly acquired farm.

Rasmeni says his latest opportunity to instil agricultural training to children at his former school is one of his highlights.

He says he wants to make sure that the next generation get exposure to agriculture in the early stages of life.

“I have just been commissioned to do an organic garden at a local primary school. We are also trying to instil the seed of agriculture into the kids from a young age from grade one up to grade seven.  The aim is to plant the seed early in life. I was only exposed to agriculture at the age of 23.”

Land ownership for Africans has become a talking point in South African politics lately, with Parliament currently holding public hearings on a proposed amendment to section 25 of the Constitution. The called for amendment, if implemented, will be expected to speed up government’s land redistribution program.

This week President Cyril Ramaphosa, in his capacity as ANC president, said the ruling party has resolved to push ahead with expropriation of land without compensation through parliament.



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