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Amending the constitution explained
18 November 2018, 8:00 PM

On Thursday, Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee adopted a report which recommends that Section 25 of the Constitution be amended to allow for land to be expropriated without compensation.

To date, 17 amendments have been implemented on the South African constitution. But the call to amend section 25 of the constitution,  is unprecedented. It is the first of its kind to Chapter two – the Bill of Rights.

The process will take a while, as there are numerous steps that must be followed, before such an amendment can be passed.

Making amends to the constitution is a process informed by the constitution and the rules of parliament. This is according to constitutional expert and Director at the Centre for Constitutional Rights, Phephelani Dube.

“The process is governed by the constitution as well as the rules of parliament. At the moment we have seen the process play out in the National Assembly – and the process began in February, when the EFF together with the ANC tabled a resolution to amend section 25 and the resolution was voted by a simple majority.”

After the tabled resolution was passed in the National Assembly, the Joint Constitutional Review Committee then embarked on a drive to hear the views of the public on the proposed matter. This process involved people from different communities in all nine provinces submitting their comments on the proposal.

Dube says the consultation with the public is required by the constitution.

“This public participation element is in line with the constitution because the constitution says that it is important for individuals to take part in South Africa’s democracy.”

Sub-section 59 of the constitution speaks on this issue of public access to parliamentary processes, together with section 74, which sets out all the necessary steps that need to be followed to implement an amendment to the South African constitution.

Listen to Phephelani Dube explain the process of amending a section of the constitution:


Dube believes the process will take a while to conclude, and has stated that there is no guarantee that the amendments will be implemented. She says after the bill has been drafted, it will then be published in the government gazzette and other parliamentary processes will be followed, culminating in the president signing it into law.

See infographic below:

Scuffle in parliament.
WATCH| Scuffle between EFF, Agang breaks out in parliament
6 November 2018, 5:21 PM

Agang SA MP, Andries Tlouamma and EFF’s Mogamad Nazier Paulsen have been involved in a scuffle during a seating in the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The Question and Answer session of President Cyril Ramaphosa was temporarily interrupted and parliamentary Protection Services had to be summoned.

As Economic Freedom Fighters Chief Whip, Floyd Shivambu was about to raise a question, Agang’s  Andries Tlouamma rose on a point of order. Addressing  Chair Thoko Didiza, Tloumma says  “We can’t have people saying whites can’t speak in this House….don’t point at me…never never, f**k-off!”

As he rose on his point of order, he seems to be pointing at someone on the EFF bench. EFF member, Mogamad Nazier Paulsen is then seen rushing towards Tloumma and the two are seen grabbing each other by the necks in a scuffle.

During the scuffle, one could hear a voice in background saying, “No no no, they can’t intimidate us. We have a democratic right to be here.”


Gender violence
WATCH | Rape victim’s testimony leaves the President visibly shaken
1 November 2018, 7:40 PM

A harrowing account from a rape victim left President Cyril Ramaphosa visibly shaken during the National Gender-Based Violence and Femicide Summit in Centurion, Tshwane, on Thursday.

The woman, who gave an account of how she was raped, felt that the justice system failed and humiliated her.

During the woman’s testimony,  the President is seen holding on to national assembly  Speaker, Baleka Mbete as the woman reveals how she was cross-examined by eight lawyers during her trial in a court of law.

Speaking in IsiZulu she says “I had come to get help, but I was being pointed at. I was answering to eight lawyers. Telling them how I was raped. I was raped from all sides, left and right. I didn’t pay much attention to the detail of my environment during the rape.”

She continued her testimony recalling how the perpetrators violated her to a point that she couldn’t walk properly, because they had inserted some foreign objects into her body. She was immediately offered counseling by organisers of the summit in one of the private rooms, but she was commended for her bravery by fellow activists and victims of gender-based violence.

The first  gender-based violence and femicide summit  brought NGOs, gender activists, religious groups and traditional leaders under one roof.

The summit seeks to device lasting solutions to curb the scourge of Gender Based Violence.  The first day of the summit turned emotional when one of the victims and activist pulled up her dress to show the President some of the scars she endured after being gang raped in Tembisa in the East Rand several years ago.

The summit is organised with the support of the office of the Presidency and will end on Friday.

Watch video below for more on this story:

Michael and Grace Norman.
Gautrain to feature in international film production
30 October 2018, 7:12 PM

American-based film production studio, MiclnGrace Studios is set to film a multi-million dollar project in Sandton, north of Johannesburg. Gautrain – the South Africa’s high-speed train – will be featured in this international production.

The action movie will be directed by South African-born filmmaker and director Michael “Micl snr” Norman.

Norman says his latest project, Rouge Taze – Mission Dark Moon, will be an Oscar contender. “This movie is going to be an Oscar winner. We are bringing home an Oscar, if not several. South Africa deserves to be seen on a platform that it deserves.

“South Africa should not only be good for locations for international productions. It is time that we shoot our own productions in our country and win those awards,” argues Norman.

The movie looks at espionage and shady deals involving government and private sector officials. He says it is a South African action movie, with an international appeal.

Says Norman: “Our passion is, when we tell an African story, Africans have to be in it. If you’re gonna shoot a story here about Mandela, let a Xhosa guy do it. Don’t go get somebody from out there. So we are trying to get South Africans to play South African roles.”

Michael’s credentials include accolades from the Best Shorts Competition, winner – Best Short Film.

His business partner, Grace Norman says it has not been easy to get support from local state entities. She says it is through their corporate partners that they have managed to secure filming in locations like the Gautrain and Rivonia Road in Sandton. She says being able to show these locations in their film bodes well for the local tourism industry.

They believe they don’t need big time Hollywood actors to make a successful movie in the country. The producer-actress says “A good story-line and great execution are good enough to make a successful box-office hit.

Rouge Taze is said to be the first film production to be shot on the Gautrain.

Rouge Taze – Mission Dark Moon is expected to be released in 2019.



DA supporters and Duduzane Zuma.
Duduzane Zuma charms DA supporters
26 October 2018, 5:30 PM

Democratic Alliance supporters forgot their mandate and ended up taking selfies with Duduzane Zuma, whom they were supposed to be protesting against when he appeared at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Friday morning.

SABC News reporter, Chriselda Lewis captured the moment on video outside court, where a group of women in DA t-shirts were seen engaging Zuma, where he seems to be asking them where they are from.

In the background, Black First Land First supporters, who have been in support of Zuma all along, seem to be dumb founded by what is happening in front of their eyes.

Lewis says the incident happened just after Duduzane Zuma came out of court, “These DA supporters ran towards him, they were in awe of him and he tried to have a conversation with them….they were excited over the fact that he stopped to have a conversation with them.”

During the engagement between Zuma and the DA supporters, one shouted in excitement, “Heeeee! He is talking to me.”

Chriselda Lewis provides context of what happened behind the scenes:

People who saw the video, which was published on Twitter commented on the irony of the encounter.

One who goes by the handle @UnmovedLee says “Our people! They forgot that DA paid their black faces to go show disdain towards Duduzane.”

@Swazznegger also commented on the video saying “Like father like son.. they were charmed.”

Some have labelled the women – a rented crowd. Nkateko Malabie @tlang3la says “When the DA rent a crowd forgot their mandate.”

Mntukabaazee @ladyVuyoM “Hahahaha they seemed more fascinated by the engagement to a point of taking selfies than the toytoy they were mandated to do there.”

Tweet from Bo Mbindwane:

The video, which was posted at 9:25 am has managed to gather 23 000 views in five hours.

Democratic Alliance, National Director of Communications, Mabine Seabe says the party is investigating the matter.

The culpable homicide case against Duduzane Zuma has been postponed to the 24th of January at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

See Video below:





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