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Malema lambasts BlackMonday march
2 November 2017, 3:57 PM

Economic Freedom Front leader Julius Malema says they will counter-march the planned protest by AfriForum in Pretoria later this month.

AfriForum is planning a march to the Union Buildings over farm murders following their Black Monday protest earlier this week .

Malema lambasted those who took part in the Black Monday march and says the EFF will not allow black South Africans to be bullied in their own country.

Malema was addressing scores of EFF members who picketed outside the Israel embassy in Pretoria.

Malema addressed the masses saying:

“Now I heard that these whites are coming to march again, they will announce a new date.I’m thinking we must organise a counter march and meet them halfway. We cannot allow white people to do as they wish in this country like they’re doing in Palestine. Let them announce the day they’re coming back to Tshwane. Let us meet them , let us teach them who owns south Africa ,we cannot be harnessed in our own country during apartheid and be harassed in our enemies county during a democratic dispensation.”



#UniteBehind activists focused on seeing Jacob Zuma arrested
2 November 2017, 3:48 PM

Activists from the advocacy group #UniteBehind have vowed to intensify their campaign to have President Jacob Zuma arrested.

They have been released on a warning by the Magistrate’s Court in Cape Town after being arrested yesterday for trespassing following their occupation of the offices of the National Prosecuting Authority in the CBD.

The activists will appear again in court early next month.

#UniteBehind is calling on South Africans to join its campaign.

One of activists, Zachie Achmat says South Africans are tired of being led by what he terms criminals:

“We would like to see not Jacob Zuma alone, but all these criminal syndicates whether it’s the Guptas or the Moodleys, whether it is Sifiso Buthelezi and whether it’s Lynne Brown, all the criminal networks that support him, jailed. I believe personally that Shaun Abrahams has to prove to us that he’s not part of a criminal conspiracy, because he’s acting with fear and with favour towards Jacob Zuma.”


Click on video below for more on the story:


Farming community in N.West protests against farm killings
30 October 2017, 7:29 PM

A farming community of the Buhrmansdrift, few kilometres outside Mahikeng in the North West have formed a farm patrol watch due to high number of crime cases and farm attacks in the area.

The farming community in various areas of the North West,that include Groot Marico and Lichtenburg amongst others converged in support to the BlackMonday protests across the country.

According to the statistics, there are 56 farm attacks and eleven farm murders since January in the Province.

Traffic disruptions for over two hours in the busy national road N4 in the North West, as the farming community flocked in numbers, in support of the BlackMonday protests across the country.

The murder of one farmer affects many people as approximately one farmer feeds 1 600 mouths every day.

According to AfriForum and Transvaal Landbou Unie, 70 farmers have been killed since the beginning of 2017, six more than the 64 of 2016 in the North West.

Wynand Buys, chairperson for Buhrmansdrift Farmers Union says they have had enough of this:

“We wanted to participate in black monday to send a strong message to the government, violence is getting out of hand not only towards farmers, but toward everybody in South Africa.”

The once lucrative farm of Dave and Bernadette Hall, produced 1 500 litres of milk every day, until 20 February, 2012, when Dave was shot in cold blood in front of his wife.

His wife Bernadette who was severely assaulted then closed the dairy and now farms on a smaller scale.

However Bernadette is calling for government to take this farm attacks more serious:

“Every farm attack we have, whether it’s a murder or just an attack, it doesn’t matter, the chances that the farm goes out of production is 90% and for every farmer we lose, we lose food security. The government really needs to start waking up and realise what is going on in South Africa.”

The chairman of the Buhrmansdrift farm watch, Wikus Marais says they were forced to form such a forum, due to this farm attacks.

Marais says Buhrmansdrif farm patrol, was formed in 2013 and consists of 40 farmers who patrol the area every night for 10 hours, each covering up to 400 kilometres.

He says since the formation of this, crime and attacks reduced.

“Since we started working with police on patrols, it’s dropped more than half. We have minimum of crime and if you have crime, you have small crime, drunk people on the road, but no stock theft, stock theft has dropped with almost 100%, so we can see a lot of difference.”

Road users expressed their frustrations due to the blockade, with one saying:

“If they want to march they must march to the minister of police because it is his responsibility or they must march to the premier of North West. How can people come and block the road and there is no even police or traffic officers here, now it’s a problem.”

According to Transvaal Landbou Unie statistics, 4463 farm attacks have occurred in South Africa this year, resulting to 1921 murders.

Cwele encourages innovations to help institutions with service
30 October 2017, 6:52 PM

Telecommunications and Postal Services minister, Siyabonga Cwele has described government’s technology conference currently being held in Durban as a platform aimed at unlocking business opportunities for entrepreneur’s.

Cwele urged hundreds of delegates from all over the world to come up with new technological innovations to help public institutions accelerate service delivery.

He says the conference is a direct response to government’s key objectives to build an inclusive economy, create employment and reduce poverty, through the use of technology:

“This govtech would not have come at a better time as we involve the spirit of OR Tambo and called on the current generation to stand in attention to serve selflessly ethically and with activism informed by the love of our country, history and future challenges. This gov tech conference provides a thought leadership platform for the entire ITC sector in government to reflect on the amount of work covered, but also to focus on new future challenges. We invite you all to start preparations without delay for success of the global event.”



No case opened in mayor sex scandal: Police
30 October 2017, 4:15 PM


Gauteng police have not opened a case against the African National Congress (ANC) mayor in the province.

This comes after the mayor has been accused of sexual grooming a 14-year-old girl.

Speaking on AM Live Guateng Police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini says they are looking into the allegations.

“The police are looking into the visuals that were on social media. We want to establish were the sexual activity took place before we open a criminal case.”

Listen to full interview below


The DA intends filing a vote of no-confidence against a Gauteng Mayor who is accused of sexually grooming a minor. The ANC mayor posted a picture of a 14 year old in her underwear on a whatsapp group.

The mayor has since been accused of sexually groomingthe teenager. The DA’s Kingsol Chabalala says the mayor should be fired from his position.

“No child molester deserves to hold such a position, be in government or community. If you can read the report from the social worker you will understand why we call the mayor a child molester. It’s not premature the mayor is a child molester, a danger to community.”




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