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JMPD officers in the street
“It might not be illegal for a male police officer to restrain a female”
9 July 2019, 9:14 AM

The Chair of the Justice Project SA says it might not be illegal for a male police officer to restrain a female.

This after a video surfaced showing a woman being held down by Johannesburg Metro Police Officers while a nurse draws blood. The video played out in a dilapidated container.

Chair of the Justice Project, Howard Dembovsky explains: “What we see in that video is a lot more than just male traffic officers holding down a female to have blood drawn. We see a woman who is purporting to be a nurse who’s not even wearing surgical gloves trying to take a blood sample from that woman. Can a male restrain a female for the purpose of blood to be drawn from that person? It’s an interesting question of law and the answer to it is I actually don’t know.”

The video was taken at the weekend at the Douglasdale police station and has since gone viral on social media.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says although the police officers acted well within their rights, an investigation will be conducted to determine the level of force used as well as the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“Section 37 of the CPA is clear to be able to restrain an individual for the drawing of a blood sample or a breath sample in the case of drunken driving. There will be an investigation to determine the level of force used, we don’t know what was the circumstances are. The resistance of the drawing of blood is not something new. It just so happens that this particular incident was captured on video.”


A man walking pass a burnt home
Toddler dies after fire breaks out in Durban
9 July 2019, 8:10 AM

A toddler has died and two boys are fighting for their lives after a fire broke out in a structure in an informal settlement in Bonela west of the Durban CBD on Monday night.

Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst says emergency workers found the two-year-old girl and two boys, aged six and seven respectively, lying unconscious on the floor when they entered the structure after 8 o’clock on Monday night.

Herbst says the girl, who suffered smoke inhalation and burn wounds, was declared dead on the scene.

“All three were evacuated. However, upon assessment, the young girl was found to have no signs of life and she was tragically declared dead on scene. The two other boys, aged six and aged seven, were treated for severe burns. Once they were stabilised the patients were rushed to hospital for further assessment. Circumstances leading up to the fire will be investigated by the relevant authorities.”

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni
“Mboweni, Ndabeni-Abrahams should continue engaging with SABC”
9 July 2019, 7:29 AM

Professor Anton Harber from Wits University says Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni Abrahams should continue engaging with the SABC in order to find a solution on the way forward.

Mboweni has rejected the cash-strapped public broadcaster’s request for a government guarantee and National Treasury has rejected its turnaround strategy.

Harber says part of the reason for keeping the SABC in a dire financial situation could be to exert political influence over it.

He says in order to protect the independence of the SABC as well preserve the nation’s democratic right to be informed, government has to clearly understand the SABC’s mandate.

“I think  if there are issues with the SABC’s turnaround strategy there appears to be a strong good board there that is being open about its plans. The minister should be saying clearly what he wants to see differently and how that can be addressed quickly. I think there are always attempts to pull back on the independence of the SABC to try and get greater political control and influence over the SABC. The minister has to get right what the function and the role of the SABC is. The board has to be absolutely firm and strong in protecting their right and to make sure they’re serving the public interest.”


School children in class
Basic Education Dept urges parents to support children’s school attendance
9 July 2019, 7:07 AM

The Basic Education Department has urged parents to support their children’s learning by encouraging good school attendance. Public schools are opening nationwide on Tuesday for third term.

The Department has also appealed to parents to ensure learners go to school with a proper uniform.

Departmental spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga says where possible, parents should accompany their children to school.

“It is absolutely important that parents play their part to make sure that learners go to school, but also be prepared mentally because they shouldn’t be distracted by what is taking place around them. They need to make sure that at the end of the day they check with them how the first day of the third term was like so that they are able to assist them.

But also at home create conducive environment for your children to be able to study, do their homework and create less distraction because learners are easily distracted if the conditions at home are not suitable.”

A gun, bullets and crime scene tape
Residents in Philippi up in arms following killings
8 July 2019, 5:55 AM

Residents of Lower Crossroads at Philippi East in Cape Town are up in arms after the killing of another five people in the area.

The bodies of three people were discovered in a house, while two others were shot and killed at a tavern.

The victims were aged between 18 and 39. On Friday night, six women, aged between 18 and 26 were gunned down in the nearby Marcus Garvey informal settlement.

Residents have staged a placard demonstration at the local police station, demanding the intervention of the police minister and more police visibility in their areas.




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