The African Union has commended Sudan for making progress towards reaching an agreement for a political transition in the country.

The military council and civilian representatives have agreed that power will be handed to civilians within three years.

The two sides are, however, yet to agree on who runs affairs in the meantime, as both want to have the majority in the top leadership.

In May, the AU gave the military council in South Sudan two months to hand over leadership to a civilian-led transitional government or risk being suspended. Now it says that it is ‘progress’ that the sides have agreed to a three-year transitional period.

It has deployed the AU Chairperson’s principal strategic adviser to Khartoum to support the country’s political transition.

Meanwhile the AU has also congratulated South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa for the victory of the ruling African National Congress party at their recent national and provincial elections. It says the voting process was peaceful, transparent, inclusive and credible.