The leader of the African People’s Convention (APC), Themba Godi, says the Informal Settlement of Mountain View at Postmasburg in the Northern Cape is an example of the failure of the current provincial government.

Godi took his campaign trail to the settlement; which has no water, sanitation or roads. Residents of Mountain View say hope has been revived following a door-to-door campaign by APC leader.

After years of living in squalor, the residents insist there has never been a party leader visiting the settlement to witness their poverty.

Mountain View resident Derline Mosiapoa had this to say:

“I have been living here for about 10 years now, without water, electricity, a toilet, nothing. I hope he will bring a better life for us.”

The APC leader says his track record as a fierce, no nonsense parliamentarian should give residents an idea of his dedication to good governance.

“I think if there is anything that illustrates the failure of governance in this province, it is this settlement. We believe that with the clean track record of the APC, they can trust us to bring about the changes that they want.”

The APC which currently has one seat in parliament is aiming to have influence on governance and policies in the country, post the May 8 Elections.

Godi believes this is attainable through the 1 million votes they are gunning for.