African National Congress president Cyril Ramaphosa has paid tribute to former party leaders saying they sacrificed their lives to ensure that South Africa attained its freedom.

He was delivering the January 8 statement in celebration of the party’s 106th anniversary at the Buffalo stadium in East London. January 8 marks the day the ANC was formed.

The first statement was issued in 1972 while many members of the ANC were in exile. The objective of the statement is to outline the party’s programme for the year.

“As we take this ANC into an era of unity an era of renewal, an era of service to the people our country we take this opportunity to reaffirm the ANC ‘s commitment t0 the values and the principles to which so many of our legends dedicated their lives. Our organisation belongs to you the people of SA. The ANC is the Parliament of the people.”

ANC Statement (Text)