Johannesburg residents might have a new mayor by September. The African National Congress (ANC) will be tabling a motion of no confidence against Mayor Herman Mashaba in three weeks.

The party, which has majority seats of 128, has outlined a number of reasons for wanting to get rid of Mashaba. The main reason being that the ANC says he has bankrupted the city.

Johannesburg ANC Chairperson, Geoffrey Makubo says the motion is about saving the city from maladministration.

“This motion is not about grabbing power. It’s about saving the city from the clutches of mismanagement and maladministration of Herman Mashaba. That’s really where we stand. We envisage that there should not be a vacuum. So, if the motion succeeds, then the process to elect a new mayor after negotiations with other parties will kick in immediately.”

The party’s secretary, Dada Morero says that the city has only R2 billion that does not belong to it in the bank.

“R950 million deposits owed to residents. R1.4 billion taken from the sinking fund. R200 million of unspent grants, that’s what is in the bank. In essence, that is not the money of the city. So, that is where we are and we believe therefore, under Mashaba, the City of Johannesburg is broke.”

Recently, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) announced it would no longer vote with the DA following a fall out in Tshwane. The EFF has 30 seats in the Johannesburg council while the DA has 103.