The African National Congress (ANC) says it is satisfied the Brics Political Party Dialogue has met the objectives it has set itself to achieve. The three-day meeting which ended in Pretoria earlier on Thursday was called to discuss the rise in hyper-nationalism and the assault on multilateralism.

The dialogue also focussed on the inclusive economic development, peace and stability.

President Cyril Ramaphosa opening the dialogue said, ”We are indeed honoured as South Africa to be hosting this important dialogue between the leading political parties that constitute Brics.”

The  gathering was called to come up with a common approach to tackle global economic and political challenges and strengthen multilateralism. It was opened by President Ramaphosa on Tuesday and closed by ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule earlier on Thursday.

Magashule says the success of their meeting will be judged by the implementation of the resolutions adopted.

”The entire delegates are very happy and we have looked at the challenges of the world. It is going to depend on how we implement practically the programme of action we have actually adopted, to ensure that the people of Cuba, Western Sahara and Venezuela, the embargoes and issues of tarrifs. We are very confident that the progressive forces are going in the right direction.”

A representative from the Paletinian Liberation Organisation -PLO used the occasion to call on Brics countries not to recognise the Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

”In the name of Palestine, I would like to call on all your countries not to recognise the Israeli illegal annexation of Jerusalem and the removal of the embassy to Jerusalem as the US has done and is now forcing everyone through blackmail to do that. We would like to end the seizures in Gaza and we would like to send a message that power politics will not prevail … that oppression will not prevail and the exceptionalism will not prevail. ”

Reading out their five page declaration document, ANC NEC member Malusi Gigaga reiterated their stance against the emergence of the uni-polar system of governance and elaborated on their programme of action to ensure closer cooperation amongst Brics countries.

He also said they have resolved to consolidate trade and investment between regional trade formations in their respective continents.

”We should ensure that the core members of Brics facilitate and consolidate trade and investment between Brics and regional formations in their respective continents. Brics Political Parties Plus must intensify intra-regional trade including advancement of economic solidarity. Brics Political Parties Plus must design a policy framework which is supportive of the SMME and cooperative sectors … since they are the largest employers in any economy.”

The next Brics Political Parties Plus Dialogue will be held in China in 2020.

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