The ANC is to remove the North West Women’s League Deputy Secretary, Bitsa Lenkopane, from its provincial candidate’s list after she was convicted of fraud and assault. She was No.: 11 on the list for the provincial legislature.

A controversial list that saw the conference delayed as delegates violently took each other on.

Several figures, with clouds hanging over them, were elected. They include former Provincial Chairperson Supra Mahumapelo and his close ally Lenkopane, who has two convictions and another ongoing court case. This against party stances that those with criminal records would not be allowed.

“I have undergone vetting and any convictions I had. The other one was a fine and the other one I am appealing, and none of them was up to 12 months. They were less than 12 months and they all had an option of a fine and I went through vetting,” Lenkopane was heard saying in a recording.

Luthuli House blames human error for her inclusion.

ANC National Spokesperson Dakota Legoete says that the party will submit a letter to the IEC to have Lenkopane removed from the party list.

“We want to place it in record. We have verified the facts. Indeed, we have found she has criminal record. I think it was a human error. We are going to submit a letter to the IEC and officially withdraw her.”

However, the decision will most likely widen existing divisions with the Women’s League saying there are double standards in the application of the rules.

“If you want to amend the clause that says if you are charged for less than 12 months, you are allowed to be on the list either for provincial or national; maybe what we should (do), as the ANC, is go to policy conference and amend that clause so that it can be a law,” Bridget Tlhomelang from the ANC Women’s League

Calls are also mounting for those on the list still facing allegations of corruption to recuse themselves or to be removed.