The ANC in the Free State has distanced itself from a leaked list of the preferred MEC candidates in the province. The party says the leaked document creates confusion and division within the party. The list includes members who presided over some of the embattled municipalities in that province.

On that list, six of the MECs who served in the previous provincial administration, were said to be tainted and unlikely to make a comeback. The ANC in the Free State says the document is pure mischief. Free State ANC Spokesperson, Thabo Meeko, has labelled the list as fake news.

“That list is nothing else but fake news. I’m not sure about its intention, but I think it is malicious. It’s intention is to divide the ANC and the ANC distances itself from that list that has been parted as leaked in the social media.”

Alliance partners say the cabinet should consist of people who are capable. SACP Secretary-General, Bheki Stofile, says their interest is the continuity of leadership.

“Our interest as the communist party will be the continuity of leadership and of course mixing with the new blood coming in with new ideas that need to be developed and followed through.”

SANCO Free State Secretary, Bakoena Ramosie, says that the ANC must consider reducing the number of executives.

“We are of the view as SANCO that they must consider reducing the number of executives, meaning because they always appoint the MECs to be 10 and the premier.”

The ANC Women’s League has also lambasted the release of the so-called fake list. However, the league called for promotion for equal gender representation when the final list is finally released.