Some African National Congress (ANC) councillors in the Mahikeng Local Municipal Council in the North West are calling for the removal of the mayor, Betty Diakanyo.

Diakanyo is being accused of corruption.

Earlier on Tuesday, the municipality was forced to reschedule an event, where Diakanyo was expected to brief the media, due to security concerns.

One of the ANC councillors, Comfort Seheri, is calling for Diakanyo’s removal saying that the mayor made the VBS Mutual Bank investment and not the council.

“The VBS investment was never invested by the council, it was invested by the municipal manager and the mayor; and this is how things have turned sour to date, which is now affecting the community because there is no service delivery. We are afraid as councillors of calling community meetings. We tell communities that the roads are coming every month. How can I come with the same item every month but nothing is happening?”

The municipality says those accusing the mayor of corruption, should open cases with the police.

Manager for protocol in the mayor’s office, Jonny Nkoana says that those accusing the mayor of corruption must prove their allegations.  “We are not aware of any documents that have been submitted to the ANC and I cannot respond on behalf of the ANC. Whoever got prove, whoever alleges must prove. I am sitting here I am amazed. How can people who have proof hand it to the ANC whereas the have law enforcement agencies here? Why can’t they open a case? Why are they taking documents to the wrong people?”