The African National Congress (ANC) says it is not concerned about the perception that it might lose votes in the upcoming elections because of load shedding. South Africans have been experiencing continuous power outages, resulting in many blaming the ruling party for the electricity crisis.

The ANC, which has governed the country for the past 25 years, says they are positive that their supporters will vote in their favour.

Elections Chairperson Fikile Mbalula says they are not concerned that the challenges the country is experiencing with electricity, will have any impact on their performance come 8 May.

“We will resolve load shedding. Load shedding will be resolved with all our mighty power and the foresight of the leadership we’ve got. All hands on deck under President Ramaphosa. This will be a matter of yesterday. The President said to us for the first time, ‘I hear you South Africans, but I can see how this is affecting our country. We are now on track in resolving permanent solutions and we have put proposals on the table.’”

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