Lobby group Afriforum is still going after EFF leader Julius Malema, this time to put pressure on the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) to investigate three cases against him.

The cases involve a tender allegedly irregularly awarded to On-Point Engineering Company in Limpopo, the alleged assault of a police officer in uniform and the firing of several shots at the EFF’s rally in the Eastern Cape.

AfriForum has informed the NPA in a letter that it intends applying private prosecution against the EFF leader. This was revealed at a press briefing in Pretoria.

Afriforum wants Malema to face allegations from as far back as 2011. The group says the prosecuting authority has enough information to work with to charge the firebrand leader.

AfriForum CEO, Kallie Kriel says the NPA’s reluctance to bring Malema before courts will make him arrogant.

“Because the NPA is reluctant to prosecute Mr Malema in many cases, Mr Malema is starting to think that he is untouchable and he is acting with impunity and we believe that can never be allowed. The NPA does not prosecute simply because of somebody’s political position.”

Kriel has denied that AfriForum is targeting Malema for his political views.

“We have taken a firm decision to force the NPA to do their duty. By means of a mandamus application, one can approach the High Court to force. That’s all we require. A failure to take prosecutorial decisions cripples the criminal justice system because if they fail to take decisions, the matter would never be enrolled. If they don’t take decisions, we cannot get involved to apply for certificate. So, a failure to take prosecutorial decisions cripples the justice system.”

AfriForum has given the NPA 30 days to respond to its request to prosecute Malema.

Listen below to AfriForum’s Head of Private Prosecuting Unit, Gerrie Nel interviewed by Masechaba Mtolo on SAfm The Focal Point: