Leader of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Kenneth Meshoe, says the party aims to create a safe South Africa that people can be proud to live in. He was speaking during the launch of the ACDP’s election manifesto in Kuils River on the Cape flats. The party’s slogan for the 2019 General elections is Unite, Build and Grow.

Meshoe says criminal elements must be rooted out. “For those who continually break the law, we are not going to be your friends. We have to tell all the criminals that once the ACDP becomes the Godly government, you are going to run to other places. We want to make SA a model among nations of the world. When people are touring the world they must look forward to going back home and when they come home, they will say they are going to a country that its people are assured they are safe in safe SA.”

Meshoe has also urged government to take responsibility for the recent energy crisis, which led to loadshedding across the country. Eskom implemented the most severe stage of loadshedding after it unexpectedly lost six additional generating units. It has now managed to obtain emergency diesel, to help ease the current energy crisis. The rolling blackouts left several South Africans fuming – but Eskom says the chance of loadshedding is low, for now.

Meshoe says Stage 4 loadshedding has had a negative impact on the South African economy.

Eskom’s crisis has become a major hindrance to economic growth, because when the lights go off, small businesses are crippled. At least big businesses have generators, but how many people have generators? And those who don’t have generators are suffering. So we are saying that the present government, starting from the president, has to take responsibility for what is happening. When I spoke in parliament the other day, I suggested to the President to apologise to the nation for what we are going through right now. He didn’t apologise.”

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