A group of 60 customers taking First National Bank to court over a theft that happened two years ago says it has proof that the bank was negligent.

The group, which was part of the 300 people that lost their valuables kept in bank safes refused to settle with the bank.

They decided to sue the bank in the High Court in Johannesburg.

FNB says it has instructed its attorneys to defend the matter and highlighted that it settled the matter in 2017 with the majority of complainants.

The group’s spokesperson Kelly Fraser says they want R121 million each as compensation.

She says: “During our investigation as a group we found that there was evidence that there was cooperation between employees of FNB and robbers. For example, there is video evidence in Parktown that shows an employee supposedly locking the vault but leaving it open. At Sunnypark, we found that there was a security official that deactivated the alarm, so its a long list.”