Emergency Services EMER-G-MED says multiple patients were treated and transported to a hospital, while one critical patient was airlifted to hospital in Pretoria, on Sunday evening.

It appears a bus and a truck may have been involved.

A bus overturned on the N14 and Eeufees offramp.

Watch the video below for more on the story:


Fatal accidents 

A number of fatal accidents have been recorded on Gauteng roads since the start of the festive season.

Traffic Police have called on motorists to be exercise caution while driving on the roads and not to drink and drive.

Gauteng Traffic Police Spokesperson Obed Sibasa says, “We have recorded a number of fatal crashes, arrested ‘drinkers’ and speedsters. Some drunk driver of a Honda Civic collided with two pedestrians in Kempton Park. 33-year-old pedestrian was killed instantly. And the second pedestrian was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Two fatal hit-and-run incidents were also recorded involving pedestrians.”

More than hundred suspected drunk drivers have been arrested in Gauteng alone over the weekend with the highest breathalyzer reading more than 10 times the legal limit.

Sibasa has warned that they will not tolerate lawlessness.

“More than 100 drinkers were arrested. The highest breath of alcohol recorded was more than 10 times above the limit. That is definitely irresponsible. We are continuing with our operations; driving under the influence; driving at a crazy speed; reckless and negligence driving. We are on high alert monitoring all roads. We will deal with law breakers.”